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Reaching financial independence is a goal that many people strive to achieve. However, the rules of money have changed. If you handle your money the way your parents or grandparents handled theirs, you may fail where they succeeded. The cost of living is higher now than ever before, about a third of your income goes to taxes. Longer life expectancies mean you need enough money to live an abundantly fulfilled life, save for a comfortable retirement and maybe take care of aging parents or leave a legacy for your children or grandchildren. Everyone wants their vision to be their reality. To achieve this utopia, simple financial management is not enough.

We are an Independent Financial Services Firm focusing on Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, Investment Management and Tax Planning. Our innovative, holistic approach to financial planning aligns your deepest values with your most ambitious financial goals. The result is a meaningful and comprehensive plan which helps guide you towards an abundant life of fulfilled dreams. The life you’ve always wanted to live.

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Dwight Ferguson

President & CEO

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Dwight L. Ferguson president and CEO of FERGUSON FINANCIAL GROUP is a well-known financial educator in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. He has developed a specialty in advising Business Owners, Federal Employees, Retirees and those about to retire who want to grow and protect their assets. His practice focuses on helping pre-retirees and retirees avoid the most common financial mistakes, live an abundant life and a fulfilled/successful retirement. Dwight, a graduate of Widener University where he majored in Economics and Business Management, is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of Osaic Wealth, Inc. He has over 30 years of Insurance and Financial Services experience.

 Dwight is married, a jazz music lover and is a volunteer mentoring young men in Prince George’s County Maryland.


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